Meet Naturalist Ruddy: Adventurer, Sleuth, Mongoose

Cartoonist Rohan Chakravarty’s latest graphic novel stars a detective mongoose on a quest to solve some nature’s trickiest (in this case smelliest) mysteries. Here’s an episode from his adventures.
Text by: Rohan Chakravarty

Excerpted with permission Naturalist Ruddy: Adventurer. Sleuth. Mongoose. (A brand new comic book from the creator of Green Humour), published by Penguin India, 2018. Pages: 112. Price: Rs 350. 

Rohan Chakravarty
Rohan Chakravarty

is a cartoonist, illustrator and creator of the series ‘Green Humour’ — India’s first internationally syndicated comic strip which appears in newspapers, wildlife magazines and websites.

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