Careers at RoundGlass Sustain

Marketing Associate 6+ years

As the Marketing Associate for Sustain, you will play a strategic role in building an effective brand presence for RoundGlass Sustain by overseeing all marketing initiatives across multiple platforms and formats to drive engagement, retention and positive customer behaviour. You will work closely across the organization to help define brand story and touch-points, enhance customer experience and ensure the brand vision is reflected effectively and cohesively in the external market. The goal will be two-fold:
• To significantly grow Sustain’s audience and engagement, bring more numbers to the content and establish brand recognition
• To build strategic alliances and partnerships that support Sustain’s goals

What you’ll do:
• Develop and manage the business’s brand strategy as well as corresponding brand elements and architecture in order to maximize the brand’s equity
• Establish and execute a content marketing strategy in collaboration with the Content team. Keep in mind that the subject is niche, ethics of what the content is and how it is created are key, and the content is both top of funnel and mid funnel
• Create social and marketing content with compelling narratives and excellent storytelling. Manage end-to-end process from creation to implementation of marketing content
• Track relevant news and social conversation to generate highly relevant storylines that address audiences’ real-time interests
• Analyse data and keywords for SEO, make suggestions to content team, work to optimise SEO for all content, both tech and editorial
• Analyze content performance and life-cycle, and use data to iterate, improve and maximize results
• Champion the voice of our customer, brand voice and style, helping to ensure consistency across every touch point
• Cross-collaborate and partner with internal stakeholders for formulation and delivery of both the offline and online content marketing elements/strategies
• Ideate and co-create concepts and products that could be used to forge partnerships with prominent institutions (eco-conservation) and/or SMEs (wildlife conservationists), helping to further build the brand
• Seek partnerships and collaborations that leverage the content and the expert community to further Sustain’s brand and goals

Who we’re looking for:
• Post-graduate degree in marketing from a premier institute
• 6+ years of relevant work experience including experience in content development with a website or magazine, SEO strategy, brand marketing and strategic collaborations
• Interest in Indian wildlife, habitats and their conservation preferred.
• Tech and start-up savviness. Able to function in a fast-moving entrepreneurial environment
• Articulate and diplomatic verbal and written communication skills
• Commitment to building a diverse, equitable, inclusive work environment
• A creative thinker with progressive ideas. Able to think strategically, yet focus on execution.
• A highly motivated self-starter who thrives in bringing structure to creative and visionary people.

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Location: NCR/ Mohali

Intern No experience required

We are looking for an Intern who will work alongside the marketing and editorial team to ideate social media campaigns to promote Sustain’s content with a younger audience. The role will require the person to have excellent communication skills and the ability to engage with Sustain’s audience across social media channels.

What you’ll do:
• Assist in ideating strategies and campaign ideas for Sustain's social media accounts.
• Assist in creating interactive content such as quizzes, polls, contests that will increase engagement.
• Assist in creating weekly and monthly editorial calendars to promote Sustain's content on various social media platforms.
• Engage with readers and audience through comments on social media.

We are looking for someone with
• Excellent communication skills and writing ability
• Interest and/or knowledge of Indian biodiversity
• Knowledge of social media channels
• Lots of fun and innovative ideas

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