Syndicating Content from Sustain

Syndicating Content from Sustain

If you’d like to syndicate any content from RoundGlass Sustain, please review our terms of use and reach out to us at the email address provided below for permission.

Terms of Use

  1. All content must be used in the same form as it is in the original. For stories that includes captions, boxes, and any embedded links. For videos, that includes the title and credit plates, animations, and graphics. If you require any edits (for example cutting story or video for length), please send us an email and we will revert in two working days. Images will be provided with the photographer’s credit and the Sustain logo and should be used without cropping or editing them in any manner.
  2. The top credit should say Content Creator’s Name/RoundGlass Sustain or Content Creator’s Name for RoundGlass Sustain and hyperlink to the content on the website. Remember to make sure it is a do follow link.
  3. A line at the end of the piece should say: “First published in RoundGlass Sustain, a treasure trove of stories on India’s wildlife, habitats and their conservation.” and hyperlink to the website at Remember to make sure it is a do follow link.
  4. You can rewrite headlines and straps and are encouraged to do so.
  5. You can use our content on pages with ads. It is not permitted to sell it separately or put it behind a paywall.
  6. Please tag RoundGlass Sustain’s handles on any social media posts sharing the story.


Sample of a syndicated piece following the guidelines.