A Rare View: Dhritiman Mukherjee Photographs the Narcondam Hornbill

In 2013, Dhritiman Mukherjee traveled to the remote island of Narcondam in Andamans and Nicobar, to photograph a bird found nowhere else in the world — the canopy-dwelling Narcondam hornbill. Watch what it is like to photograph from atop a 40-foot tall tree
Photos and videos: Dhritiman Mukherjee
Script support: Amrita Das

There are less than 500 Narcondam hornbills on the planet — and they all live on a tiny island, less than seven square kilometres in size. See Dhritiman Mukherjee’s photo essay on the hornbills here.

Dhritiman Mukherjee
Dhritiman Mukherjee

is one of India's most prolific wildlife and conservation photographers. His work has been featured in leading publications. He is also a RoundGlass Ambassador, and an RBS Earth Hero awardee.

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